Orange is the new Black!

Few more weeks till Spring, means warmer weather is just behind the corner! And we can’t be more excited and that’s why we just decided to change the homepage of our website from cool tones to warm tones!

This Spring 2021 is bringing earth colors which are totally in trend because it is like we want to reconnect with our roots, we want to enjoy the simple things like the sound of the waves that fling against the rocks and that feeling of a warm hug when the sun ‘kisses’ our bodies.

Here at Nado when we created our Spring line we took in consideration all these desires. We have also increased the quality of our garments and they are softer that you could ever imagine, I just wish you were here with me to touch and feel them. We want customers to feel protected and comfortable but at the same time chic and beautiful but above all we want them to feel great in their own skin, in their own body, in who they are, because we said it multiple times beauty is something that starts within you, it is a mental state made of confidence and self-esteem.

We wanted this new Nado line to embrace the need of chic simplicity.

One the colors most in trend this year is orange, because we are all in need of optimism and it is a creative and confident color and beams positive energy! It’s not surprising that fashion psychologists invite you to wear orange if you feel unmotivated because it will give you that vitality and considering the amount of time all of us are spending at home recently we all need a bit of orange in our lives!

If you learn how to wear orange, you can add a fresh and vibrant attitude to your style enhancing your skin with a glamorous radiance.

Tangerine is indeed a nice and fun shade that brings accent to your neutral outfits and makes you stand out from the crowd. But first of all, you need to know the best tangerine shade that works for you. It can wonderfully flatter your features but if your skin is pale, you better stay away from wearing this statement color close to your face as you may look washed out and even more pale. If you have a fair skin tone, use tangerine as a flattering accent color or go for lighter, less vibrant, creamy shades. On the other hand, women with brown hair and olive complexion are very lucky because every shade of orange works really well with their skin tone, especially those warmer, tropical, vibrant hues. Always remember that if your face gets a great highlight, then orange color will look amazing on you. But if it looks even more fair and dull, better opt for a more advantageous shade.

You can make the playful color look chic by teaming them with neutrals like khaki, beige and white.

Now just to give you an example, my skin tone is pretty fair and I have a light coloured hair, to bring more lights to my face this bright orange looks fantastic on me, if I was to chose a lighter tangerine it would have probably washed me out a bit too much.

These items can be easily worn during the day on your zoom meetings or when you run errands but also for intimate evening dinners with your loved ones. They are pieces that stimulate your customers’ inner fashion by letting them have fun coordinating the same item in different ways that make them feel good about themselves. For example, I can wear this top with white jeans, or black leggings or khaki linen pants or capris. The sky is the limit!

I just want to let you know that if you have any questions, to please feel free to call us or email us at anytime!

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