Be confident, be empowered and be inspired!

I was born and raised in the fashion capital of the world: Milan, and since I was a child I noticed one thing: WOMEN ARE TAUGHT TO HATE THE WAY THEY LOOK.

No matter what communication media you analyze the message that comes out is always the same: you are not slim enough, or tall enough, or sexy enough and I can keep going.

You have to accept yourself and LOVE yourself for who you are!

Easy said than done, I agree! First of all, we need to change our mindset in order to teach the next generation to always love themselves, especially when someone tells them they are not good enough, beautiful enough, women enough. And it doesn’t matter if you are a mom or a grandma or an aunt it is your responsibility to break this cycle now.

I have lots of friends who work in the most prestigious model agencies of the world and I know it doesn’t matter how physically beautiful a model is, it doesn’t matter if she is a top model or just a new scout, she has tons of insecurities, she has some parts of her body she doesn’t like. Crazy right? And do you know why? Because we are thought to hate the way we look. Unfortunately, it is a cycle we NEED to stop for the sake of future generations.

Do you want to know how? Be CONFIDENT in yourself.

We all have busy lives and often we just keep going so hard to try to find a balance in our lives that we don’t even recognize ourselves, we lose our identity because we are tired, we think we are overweight and we are probably mentally drained. You are not alone! At one point or another we all have been there and it is ok.

So how are we going to become more confident? It is a process that starts by putting yourself in front of a mirror. Look at yourself and list at least five things of you that you like, your strong points that no matter what other people might think, no one will ever be able to change that opinion that you have of yourself.

Now you want to dress yourself to inspire but remember you cannot have a style if you are not inspired. So what does inspire you?

  1. A color you love or a color that looks good with your skin tone and/or hair;
  2. An image you are drawn to;
  3. A movie you watched over and over.

Inspiration is something that starts with a thought process and that motivates you to action and it can come from anywhere. It is like as if the ideas enter in your brain and become attuned to the things that inspire you to live life and have a style. Identify the things you love and learn how to let them inspire you and everything you wear.

Dress to express your personality, it is like a statement where you show who you are without saying a word.

I strongly believe all women are beautiful they just need to build confidence, so start to believe in yourself today and put emphasis in everything you achieve everyday not on the things you still have to cross from your everyday list. Be proud of who you are and what you have done. I know it is especially hard nowadays where social media make us think everyone has it together except us, but we have to remember what people post on social media is just a glimpse of a desire of a perfect life no one has. Perfection is not part of this world, it is in fact a utopic concept that is not real because it is actually our own imperfections that make us unique, different from the rest of the mass and beautiful.

Today make a little exercise and be:


And be COMFORTABLE in your own skin!

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