Let’s start from a simple question what is LOVE for you?

To many of us, the idea that love is an emotion is so obvious as to be banal. Aristotle thought of love as a union, saying, "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”. In the 90’s the Spice Girls have resurface the same concept with the song “2 become 1”.

But what is love? Obviously, there is not one definition only as we are all different people with different needs, desires and expectations. For me love is the willingness to prioritize another's well-being or happiness above your own. Am I right? Maybe. The point is there is no right or wrong in defining what love is because it is about what each of us feel and being all different people we will all have different variants of the concept love.

There are different kind of love:

  1. The love towards yourself which should always be kind. Love yourself for who you are which should come naturally but more often than not we doubt ourselves because of what other people might think, we diminish our capabilities because we underestimate our real value, we feel guilty because we think we are not enough. Love towards yourselves should be the first type of love because if you cannot love yourself how are you going to manage to love others?
  2. The love of a parent figure towards their children, which is what I like to call “a love like no other”. Personally, it is something I cannot even begin to describe, it is that special bond that link a parent figure with the little people they are raising. And by parent I don’t mean just mom or dad, but stepparents, foster parents, uncles and aunts, grandparents and those special friends whose kids call uncles and aunties. It is not about blood relationships it is about LOVE.
  3. The romantic love towards your partner of whatever gender he/she is, because love doesn’t have anything to do with sexual orientations but more with a sort of devotion two people have for each other, that commitment of sticking together especially when problems arise, when the lack of sleep or pain takes the best out of you, it is that promise of no matter what we are going to get out of the woods together. I am not surprised one bit regarding the expression “Love is Love” is gaining more popularity on social media outlets, because it is a legitimate form of love. Even Pope Francis, a couple of years ago, has endorsed same-sex unions because "All people have a right to have their own family. We are all children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable over it".
  4. The respectful love towards Mother Nature. We often call our planet Mother Earth. Seeing the Earth as our mother helps us to realize her true nature. The Earth is not a person, yet she is indeed a mother who has given birth to millions of different species, including the human species. Our Mother Earth has brought us to life and provided all the conditions for our survival. She has developed an environment from which humans can manifest and thrive. She created a protective atmosphere, with air we can breathe, abundant food for us to eat, and clear water for us to drink. So this year let’s make a promise to ourselves to be more responsible citizens in the daily choices we make.

In conclusion I believe that whatever form of love you are experiencing the base of love is respect. The is no love without it. And I will go further by saying there is no relationship (whatever its nature is) without respect. So, whatever you are going to do today, keep this in mind and respect yourself and whoever is around you no matter the way you get treated because if you want to make this planet a better place it all starts from you and it takes one step at the time.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we all should take a moment to be thankful for the love that surround us and for the people that have been there for us to help us during these unprecedent times. I’ve personally seen in my little reality a great sense of community that emerged as a consequence of last year’s events. I saw people trying to help those less fortunate, grandkids videocalling their grandparents to tell them they miss them, strangers sending heartfelt cards to elderly in nursing homes so they would feel less lonely. No one is alone even if we might have to maintain physically distance from each other and if you ever feel forgotten please virtually reach out for support to your community and to people who love you.


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